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I agree with this for the most part, however, there are many players around the league who would not want to risk career ending injuries if the coach decides that their starting QB is being "shut down" because only he is too valuable to risk injury. It's no different than preseason games. If the games don't matter why not shut down all your starters and let the back ups play?

The bigger issue here IMO, is the potential impact this could have on the playoff picture and the Redskin's position in the 2014 draft. How would we feel if Tomlin decided to shut down big Jen against Cincy just because they are out of the playoffs?
Shanny shutting down RG3 is a fuck you to him and Snyder, not because he's trying to save him for next season. Shanny won't even be there next season.

He's doing this because he's tired of RG3 going over his head to Snyder and Snyder showing RG3 special treatment.

There's no real impact in next years draft either. They traded their first round pick to the Rams to get RG3.