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    Re: The Other Games Thread -- No Ravens Weekend edition

    How are NFL refs this incompetent?

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    Re: The Other Games Thread -- No Ravens Weekend edition

    Amazingly bad ending to that game. Washington should file a grievance and they'll win it. Play should've been immediately stopped when they realized the down was inaccurate.

    I don't know if they could've won but that took away any chance
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    Re: The Other Games Thread -- No Ravens Weekend edition

    Chris Collinsworth made a great point on the spot, about how that impacted the decision making of the coaching staff. He made it clear that the down and distance impact the type of play they call and what they try to accomplish on that particular play. Yes, they did fumble the ball, but they might not even run a play at that point if it's a first down. They might spike it. They might go deep.

    These are the nuances of such decisions that people can't capture in statistics or generic explanations.
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