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    Duck Gino

    Here comes the blitz. Squeelers are a big blitzing team with multiple packages to begin with but when then saw this stat you just know they'll be blitzing even more.

    I'm surprised Rexy didn't blitz more because he's known for that too unless he pulled a Chicago where they didn't put someone over Gino but dropped more people into coverage to defense Joe. They won w/o pressuring Gino. No wonder he improved in Chicago. No one was coming at him or not as much. Squeelers will come at him ala TP by Oher a few years ago only Gino will have 350 pounders lining up over him.


    Joe's QB rating w/o the blitz vs Jets was 137.5.

    Joe's QB rating with the blitz vs Jets was 16.7.

    This scares the shit out of me.

    Reality: Joe Flacco had a QB rating of 137.5 when the Jets didn’t blitz Sunday. When they did, it dropped to 16.7.

    Perception: I think this says more about the offensive line than it does Joe Flacco. Give Joe time and he is really effective.
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