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    Re: Hensley on Jimmy

    Up until this year, people labeled him a bust, but one thing I looked at going into this year was he had never been fully healthy. In 2011, he got injured the first game on ST and took awhile before he looked really good in the AFCCG. Last year, he had a sports hernia nagging him for awhile. Finally came back and looked good in the SB.

    What's most impressive is the leadership aspect. Ihedigbo is a leader in the secondary, and having Jimmy come out and question him on that play shows he has the balls to challenge/push the other vets on the team when it's needed.

    The goal line stand from the Bears game belongs on our 2013 highlight reel. Just AMAZING the way he played it, especially after getting a holding penalty. I was sure after the holding penalty they were getting 7 there. He stepped it up and held them to 3.
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    Re: Hensley on Jimmy

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    I was sure after the holding penalty they were getting 7 there. He stepped it up and held them to 3.
    6 tries inside the 10 will usually net you 7. That was a hell of a goal line stand!

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    Re: Hensley on Jimmy

    It takes a little while for most players to adjust to the NFL. This is his third year and most of his rookie season was wiped out by injury. He really started playing better in the second half of last season, so the natural progression is on time.
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