Older Mother in her 70's and her 30 something daughter approach me and my 4 month old daughter at the grocery today ....

Mother: I MUST see this baby! Oh my God she is adorable!
Me: Thank you.
Mother: How old is she? Do you know?
Me: ... Uhh, of course. She's 4 months old
Daughter: Mom, not again ....
Mother: And her feet are out of her blanket?!?! Why? Her feet must be freezing?
Me: <feeling her feet> Nope, they're quite warm.
Daughter: MOM!!!
Mother: What?! I had to make sure. She's with her Dad after all.
Me: What the hell is that supposed to ....
Daughter: I am SO SORRY Sir <drags Mother away>

So Dad's don't know how to take care of their kids?