I see no reason not to use him in bunch formation packages like the one in which he got his one carry.

Leading up to the game where he got that carry, there was talk on this board about the very subject. I mentioned in that thread that I wasn't so sure Taylor wasn't the best running threat on the team at that point in time (this was before Rice's breakout day on Sunday, and both he and Pierce were looking awful, bad line or not...). Then Taylor gets one carry and shows off his speed and agility.

Say what you want, the guy can move the ball. I still say he can give you one good series a game as QB if push comes to shove; but what I'd rather see is him out there as a WR with the D having to wonder/think account for what he might do. As Joe points out in the article, at the very least, he provides the D with something to think about, game plan for, etc. These types of wrinkles -- which if nothing else force opponents to game plan for things that may or may not actually happen, or which cause a little bit of "paralysis by analysis" on the field -- are what good offensive coordinators do.

In fact, now that I think about it, the point I made in that other thread was that we had seemed to only be able to loosen up gaps in the line when we showed the fake end around motion, which had been showcased a few times in the game prior to the one TT got his carry. Just that little bit of a look was throwing off defenses enough to allow us to break off "unheard of" gains of 5-7 yards, instead of consistent minus-1's.

I see no downside in having Taylor split out as part of a bunch formation 4-5 plays a game. Joe rarely has time to work through all his progressions anyway, so in effect, most WRs are just decoys on most pass plays. How often do we actually target JJ or Deonte?

While we're at it, I could stand to see us get creative getting the ball into Deonte's hands -- if he's as fast as advertised, lets see it. Put a TE out there in the bunch as a perimeter blocker and throw Deonte a frickin smokescreen. Get it to him on a reverse. Fake it to him on a reverse, I don't care. But throw some damn eye candy at the defense to they're not JUST sitting there teeing off on the inevitable run up the middle or pass to the outside.