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Thread: Dennis Pitta

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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    I see Dennis Pitta received my Human Growth Hormone *coughs* *coughs* I mean Blessings (Light Magic level 2 spell).
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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    Quote Originally Posted by JAB1985 View Post
    youre not going to get a player thats able to return, in a contract year, to agree to that. If he was under contract next year, i could see it, but if hes this close to coming back, hell be back because it only increases his value if he can prove no lingering issues. with his injury there should be little risk of causing damage, it would just be whether or not hes effective.
    You're making a ton of assumptions here.

    You don't know he's able to return. Practice doesn't equal being able to play in a game.

    Yes, he's in a contract year but the team is coveting him and are going to protect their investment. And even if he's not interested in staying in Baltimore, it's still in the teams and players best interest not to cause permanent, long term damage. He suffers just as much as the team does if he loses value because he rushed back.

    Teams know he's a talent. He doesn't have to showcase this season. He's going to get paid regardless.

    Point is, the team is not going to play him if there's a chance of harming him further.
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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    Seems to me that Stokely would be the most obvious roster move.
    Stokely would have to be healthy, and back to practice to cut him.

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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker: M&T Sec 527 View Post
    ...could we stash him to drive down his price in FA?
    Stash him? He's already had a major injury, and lost 10 games this season. Nobody knows how many more games Pitta will miss either. Speculating here with Ravens missing the playoffs : if he comes back to play in 4 games, and plays at a decent level, do you think any team is going to be knocking his door down with a mega-contract? I believe that boat has sailed already, and the most he can hope for is a one year contract from the Ravens for 2014, and then let the market play out... Bc

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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    I'm glad he's back practising and I hope they don't rush him or shelve him. Just make sure he's healthy and able to make all the cuts and moves.
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    Re: Dennis Pitta

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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker: M&T Sec 527 View Post
    That was my first thought: could we stash him to drive down his price in FA?
    IF Pitta feels like he is ready to play and the team stashes him then we can just say goodbye to him. No way does he takes such a mickey mouse ploy by the team.

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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Teams shelve players that are off a recent (and serious) injury all the time.

    This ^^

    The Ravens have exclusive control over a player coming off the PUP/Reserve IR list.

    My thinking is this.. You run the risk of showcasing him as a season-saver if you bring him back and we go on run where he scores a few TD's.. Then he walks out the door as an un-restricted free agent at the end of the season. The Ravens are liable to ease him back into the lineup.. Just enough to get his feet wet. And then hope to get a bargain price on him for next season.

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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    We'll I just hope that having Pitta back around in practice and meetings will get Flacco pumped up. That alone would help this very important home stand that Joe has to be lights out with. I so hope it's at least pumps our QB up to bombs always all next week to make A Pitta return worth while. I'm pumped and looking forward to see Joe do the thing Sunday and Thursday.
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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    @Ravens: PHOTOS: Dennis Pitta was back at practice today... And his teammates we're glad to see him.

    How awesome is this picture!

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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorebirds_24 View Post
    I just read he is practicing today. Good news!

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    Really no sense in bringing him back this year. We aren't going to the playoffs, so why would the team want to bring him back?

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    Re: Dennis Pitta

    Quote Originally Posted by steelerhater View Post
    Really no sense in bringing him back this year. We aren't going to the playoffs, so why would the team want to bring him back?
    If this team were to win their next three games, would you change your mind? I think that's very realistic at this point with them all being at home. A 7-6 ravens team with Pitta and three games remaining @DET, vs NE, and @CIN is a very intriguing prospect at this point


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