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In slo-mo, it looks like Gronkowski is running the post route and never had any intention of coming back for the ball. I know Kuechly makes all sorts of contact that by the rulebook I think is definitely a penalty. I don't think that contact kept Gronkowski from the ball though... his route was hard to the end line... and the throw was a little late / short. I don't see how anyone can watch the play in slow motion and say that Kuechly REALLY prevented him from catching THAT particular throw. There's no sign of him fighting for position at all. But you're also hard-pressed to watch it and justify the "no call" after making a "yes call".

That said, it's a consistency thing. If that same play unfolds in New England, they throw the flag and the call stands. That play happens in Carolina and they actually pick up the flag.
A 5 yard defensive holding call would have worked. At the end of the day that's exactly what is was. How many times does a cornerback get called for holding while the QB is throwing the ball to the other side of the field. It happens a lot. The ball was in play and Gronk never had a chance to even go back for it. The other point is Kuechly has no idea where the ball is. He's just holding onto dear life to Gronk. IMO the Pats got robbed on that play.