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    Re: How About Demetrius Williams As A KR/PR?

    I would be surprised to see Reed returning kicks. Not that he wouldn't excel at it, but I can't see Billick risking him.

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    Re: How About Demetrius Williams As A KR/PR?

    Quote Originally Posted by jonboy79 View Post
    How did it take 10 posts to get to this. As soon as you read this, the irony of the discussion makes you feel stupid. Ross will do it, if he gets hurt, that's when we worry about "if" Clayton will get hurt. IMO Clayton wouldn't be the worst loss ever either, as DW would do ok as a no 2 WR on this team.
    I disagree that Mark Clayton wouldn't be the worse loss ever. He is our #2 receiver and had a lot to do with our past two wins in getting us down the field. I also don't think Demterius Williams would do okay as a #2 receiver as well, given it's his rookie year, and hasn't really done much in the regular season to prove otherwise. Not many rookie wide receivers come out and light it up for the whole season (Randy Moss and Anquan Boldin being the exception to the rule, of course)


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