Old farts! Actually, I tend to agree.

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Trading Roethlsiberger would be a win-win for both parties. Ben gets to go to a team like St. Louis or Houston, both of whom are a good QB away from being elite caliber teams, and Pittsburgh gets a great package of picks to rebuild and get better, since they're not close to competing for the next few years.

They need to find a way to dump all the old farts and move forward with a young team. This is a GREAT year to need a QB... Bridgewater, Mariota, Boyd, Hundley, Mettenberger, Manziel... all possible 1st rounders. After that you've got guys like Derek Carr, Aaron Murray, and AJ McCarron... all of whom might have been 1st rounders in last year's bad draft.

This is the best QB pool I've seen in all my years scouting the draft IMO. Pittsburgh could do a ton of damage with, say, 2 1st rounders and 2 2nd rounders. They could grab a QB, a receiver to play opposite Brown, an tackle, and a DB, all of whom would likely start day 1.