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    Why I hate fantasy football

    Some idiot starts Dallas Clark against me. He scores 15 points despite having one of the worst games I've seen from a tight end.

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    Re: Why I hate fantasy football

    I stepped away from FF for 3-4 years b/c of stuff like this lol.
    Now that I can watch any match-up with my "GM" or "analyst" hat on, FF is much enjoyable.
    Joined four leagues this year, three are start-up dynasties with contracts, a cap, full RFA/UFA, roster cut downs, practice squads, etc. Fun times!
    "We are so ingrained to the systematic neglect on offense that we let recency bias of "being up by 14 points" convince us that our offense does not need attention." - bt12483

    Settle down. John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco's Baltimore Ravens can beat any team, anywhere.

    Having fun talking football on Twitter @BigPlayReceiver

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    Re: Why I hate fantasy football

    Fantasy football is a lot more fantasy than football.

    I play in 1 league each year but I completely keep the fantasy game separate from the real game. Last night I had 2 Denver players start and wanted each of them to fail no matter what that meant to my fantasy game.
    He Who Dares.....Wins


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