Ted Cruz was just on Leno and was tearing it up with that Hollywood audience shockingly cheering him on every point.

One point he said was there has to be health care reform but take it out of the bureaucrats hands and empower the people. Then he said it was the battle between the parties' leaders in congress messing things up. More applause except from Leno.

Megan Kelly had someone on from townhall.com who said the website cost the gov't half a million dollars and people can't get coverage. Over 52M have lost coverage from companies dropping them because they can't afford it which is what we said would happen during the debate.

One insurance expert said the law won't collapse but will be totally useless.

Vince Vaugh, the famous actor, just came out and said he was Conservative. He better watch out because he'll be blackballed just like Jennifer O'Neil was when she became a Christian and speaks out vs abortion. She had one when she was 19. She became a Christian after she accidently shot herself and was in the hospital and there was a Bible in the room and she started reading it.