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as long as its acknowledged polygamy like the Mormons have and not some guy with multiple wives thats always "away on business" and the others are unaware. I dont really see issue with it either I guess. Problem is Religious Right sees that as a really bad thing equal to marrying animals or inanimate objects when they debate the issue, which i think is totally off base to consider Gays the same as a goat or toaster. If thats not proof of discrimination I dont know what is.
well so far in this thread, one person who is supportive of gay rights has equated plural marriage to marrying goats and toasters. So it goes both ways. Adult humans marrying adult humans is what we are talking about here. I fail to see how there is any, let alone HUGE differences between changing the definition from 1 man, 1 woman, to 1 adult human, to another adult human, vs allowing adult humans to marry any other adult humans they want(plural). What is it about 2 man or 2 women that is BETTER then 3-15 like minded adults of differing or similar genders.