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    America's Finances

    Personally speaking...I think the below graphic speaks for itself, and speaks volumes, on where we are heading as a nation. Mainly, that the current course of our nation's finances is not sustainable and that drastic changes are required...before they get forced upon us by the mathematical realities of debt financing. I would be curious to hear the opinions of others.


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    Re: America's Finances

    But when you're a politician and point this out, give speeches on this, etc, you're labeled a zealot -- See Ted Cruz, Ron Paul, Rand Paul etc.

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    Re: America's Finances

    This is what happens when you buy votes like the Democrats do. See Detroit for a prime example.
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    Re: America's Finances

    I don't really care much about debt I just care about reducing spending and taxes. The deficit just tells you how far off the parties are in what needs to be done. If they were practical and honest they could balance the books. Debt can also be considered a tax too because when they print money to fund it they are devaluing the dollar. That's why I prefer sound money, then the deficit would mean something

    But yeah Detroit is a microcosm of what is happening to the country as a whole
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