First off, Denver vs. Jacksonville. I mean, this is like Goldberg.......vs. Gilberg. (For the old school wrestling buffs out there).

Cincinnati travels to Buffalo where the Bills will be starting a new QB. However, at the same time, something is not right with Cincinnati's offense. With Baltimore's offense, you can figure it out. Offensive line struggles + Injuries + New players = tough sledding. I just can't figure it out with the Bengals. Sanu is back, they have one of the best offensive lines in the league and I've been hearing about Giovanni Bernard all year. Is Andy Dalton really the issue here? Could someone whose seen more Bengals film this year help me out with this one?

Pittsburgh travels to New York, for a game they can certainly lose, but if they have any fight left in them, they could also pull it out. This one could be an ugly one for both sides, but I have a feeling the Steelers won't give a who-what as long as they come out on top. (Not that any other team would either, more so fanbases than anything).

New Orleans travels to Gillette to take on the Patriots, who are right for the picking right about now. Gronkowski is still out and Wilfork is done for the year. He really covered up so much for that defense and, honestly, I don't think the presence of Talib is going to be enough against the Saint, unless they pull one of their helter skelter road games.

It should be another interesting week of football.