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Munchak? The Titans are 3-2 and haven't been bad this year. I think the fact that Locker was playing well before his injury will save him for another year regardless of what happens now that they are playing with Fitzpatrick, who also didn't look bad last weekend. I think they would have to go totally in the tank and stay there when Locker gets back for him to get fired. I think he started this season on the hot seat but have to believe it has cooled off so far.

I don't think Tomlin belongs on this list either. He's absolutely safe.

The others I mostly agree with. I'd add Mike Shanahan as well if the friction between him and Griffin is to be believed & the Slurs don't play well this year.
I thought about Shanahan as well. The Skins are really not playing well at all and I think the way he handled RGIII last year was piss poor.

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