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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    I think it was a wake up call for Doss because no team picked him up. I like seeing the progression of Doss and Thompson. If they keep performing they will be valuable members of the receiving corp on top of being very good returners.

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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    I have a theory on Dickson: he can't catch high velocity passes. Seems he can catch balls that are floated to him. That reception yesterday reminded me of the TD reception against polamalu in the home opener vs Pitt a few years ago. I think he needs the ball floating to him instead of on a line.

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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    As others have said, it was always mental problems that hurt Doss, and this looks like a textbook example of a guy getting a fire lit under him and responding. Physically he was always ready to play in this league, but he was held back by being soft and lackadaisical. At this point, he looks like a totally different player and I think it's all in his preparation and attitude.

    I've been as hard on him as anybody in this forum but quite frankly I don't think there is a Raven player I'm more proud of right now than Tandon Doss, with the possible exception of Terrell Suggs.

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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    Yeah, I've never been so happy to be proven wrong about a guy I was giving grief all through the pre season, so far. I hope he continues to make me look like a dumb ass hater.

    I don't think there is a Raven player I'm more proud of right now than Tandon Doss, with the possible exception of Terrell Suggs.
    And maybe Torrey Smith. He's just such a great person, and a football player. He really is a great GREAT story in Baltimore.

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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    Quote Originally Posted by HotInHere View Post
    I don't feel this way about Ed. I remember a couple years ago, when he didn't have the drop problems. He was never Mr. Consistent, but he was solid and made some big plays. I feel like his head is just not right, and if he could fix that, he could turn this year around in a hurry.

    He does do one thing well that no one else on this team besides Torrey can do: beat single coverage.

    That's exactly how I feel about him as well.

    Funny I tweeted this at about 12:30 before the game

    Ball2More Ball2Much
    Both Dickson and Doss should be listening to Phil Collins " Ive been waiting for this moment" right now. #balloutofcontrol today fellas!
    Who wants the lotto picks!

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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    I'll try not to jump down Doss' throat when he fumbles away a PR, b/c the way he holds that ball, it will happen.
    He's gotta get coached up on that nonsense rights-now
    Back to the AFCCG we go. So get ready!

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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    As one of the few Pro-Doss guys on here, even right before he got cut, I'd like to take this prestigious opportunity to say NYEAH NYEAH NYEAH NYEAH

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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    Let's not be fooled by Dickson's two catches, although I hope he elevates his game over the next 11 weeks. He was drafted over some talented TEs, and a round before Pitta. He looked like he laid a solid foundation in 2011 (54 catches - 5 TDs), and the future looked bright. Not only did Pitta pass him like he was standing still, but he's hanging onto his future career by a slim thread. 2013 was his year to shine, with Pitta's injury and being a UFA in 2014, but he hasn't grabbed the brass ring so far. He won't be released because the Ravens TE situation is on red alert, but I believe his days in Baltimore are numbered... Bc

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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    Quote Originally Posted by srobert96 View Post
    I think it was a wake up call for Doss because no team picked him up.
    I'm sure that's true. But I think the other important component is, when we re-claimed him and he got a chance, one of the first things that happened was he made a huge play. (The return TD.) He "rededicated" himself, and immediately got positive feedback and status as an explosive playmaker. I think that's huge for a guy with potential confidence issues.

    Pure luck for the Ravens.


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