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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    As one of the few Pro-Doss guys on here, even right before he got cut, I'd like to take this prestigious opportunity to say NYEAH NYEAH NYEAH NYEAH

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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    Let's not be fooled by Dickson's two catches, although I hope he elevates his game over the next 11 weeks. He was drafted over some talented TEs, and a round before Pitta. He looked like he laid a solid foundation in 2011 (54 catches - 5 TDs), and the future looked bright. Not only did Pitta pass him like he was standing still, but he's hanging onto his future career by a slim thread. 2013 was his year to shine, with Pitta's injury and being a UFA in 2014, but he hasn't grabbed the brass ring so far. He won't be released because the Ravens TE situation is on red alert, but I believe his days in Baltimore are numbered... Bc

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    Re: Doss and Dickson

    Quote Originally Posted by srobert96 View Post
    I think it was a wake up call for Doss because no team picked him up.
    I'm sure that's true. But I think the other important component is, when we re-claimed him and he got a chance, one of the first things that happened was he made a huge play. (The return TD.) He "rededicated" himself, and immediately got positive feedback and status as an explosive playmaker. I think that's huge for a guy with potential confidence issues.

    Pure luck for the Ravens.


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