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    11 Rushes for Miami

    ...and 6 sacks.

    We learned this last week. You gotta have some balance.

    Ravens rushed 40 times. 3.3ypc is not great, but when you have McKinnie mailing it in, what do you expect. Looking for a better effort with Monroe next week.

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    Re: 11 Rushes for Miami

    and this week the Ravens dominated time of possession instead of the other way around. Have to have balance in the offense
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    Re: 11 Rushes for Miami

    If the Ravens were at full strength I would say that they could sling it. However, with Monroe not in there yet, Brown hurt, Pitta still hurt and Jones hurt, they need balance.
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    Re: 11 Rushes for Miami

    The OL will get better with Monroe. I thought Shipley being thrown in there looked good and have to wonder about KO now, maybe his back has been an issue? Gino looked better too. 3.3 is an improvement and something to build on. Rice seems to have a problem keeping his feet under him. It's nice to at least be able to control the clock a little, it will get better.


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