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Would season ticket holders be opposed to getting a credit of some sort from the Ravens/NFL were they to lose a home game at M&T?
I don't understand your question ... The NFL already does provide a credit to the "home" team: no charge for the deleted true home game. Plus the privilege of being able to buy replacements seats at Wembley (which, however, cannot be resold, so screw the brokers).

I am a lot more bothered by having to pay for two sham exhibition games than missing one true home game (which I would likely not miss anyway). That is why I favor the 17-game or 18-game season and halving the exhibitions. I would also like to see the NFL rotate all the imitation exhibitions out to neutral sites, which was the practice in the NFL's early years, or, if not, price these fraudulent games at 1/2 price or remove the mandatory purchase. London games are merely a sideshow compared to the exhibition rip-off, in my opinion.