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    Question Free "The Red Zone" via "The Membership Club" (NFL Season Ticket Holders)

    Curious about this from a Ravens e-mail:

    we would like to welcome you to a new benefit called The Membership Club. Created by the NFL, the Membership Club gives PSL Owners access to exclusive benefits and offers from the National Football League and its partners throughout the 2013 season.

    We are pleased to announce your first Membership Club benefit:

    Free Access to NFL RedZone on your Smartphone Device

    With the NFL RedZone you can catch every touchdown from every game on Sunday afternoons. Access to RedZone is available via the NFL Mobile smartphone application, using the NFL Moble app for access. All you need is your Ravens Account Number and Account Manager Password/Pin.

    Follow these steps to get access to NFL RedZone.

    1. Download the latest version of the NFL Mobile app released on September 7 or later.
    2. If using the app for the first time, check the box that states you agree to the privacy policy.
    3. Next you will be asked if you are an member. If you are, you may sign-in, or simply click "Continue without sign in".
    4. If you wish to customize your experience to the Ravens, make that your team selection.
    5. Once you are at the main page, click the top left menu button, indicated by three bars.
    6. Scroll to the bottom and select "Season Ticket Members"
    7. Agree to the terms and conditions of NFL RedZone Access 8.
    8. Lastly, you will be prompted to enter your Ravens account number and password/pin for your My Ravens Season Ticket Account.
    9. Enjoy your free NFL RedZone access!

    Albeit that one may need a masters in computer science to navigate through those nine installation steps (why can't they make it simple?) ... I caught the Red Zone once while on travel and found it to be a better experience than watching network broadcasts of live games which were meaningless to the Ravens. Fast pace but not frenetic. I'm inclined to wade through the nine steps, or, more likely, have one of my kids install it for me, in order to get the Red Zone to use while on travel or on weekends when the Ravens play prime time games.

    I also like the feature to experience to the Ravens - hopefully that means focusing on our competitors instead of irrelevant NFC games)

    A couple questions for someone smarter than me about technology (likely 99% of you):

    • Is this really free, or just an attention-grabber bait & switch?
    • Is this the type of video than can be picked up by Google Chrome cast to play on HDTV? If so, in simple English: how?
    • Will this work with 4G instead of Wi-Fi?
    • Will it work on a Google Andoid tablet? (If so, I may go ahead and bite the bullet -- Red Zone would be reason enough to jump in to join the 21st Century)

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    Re: Free "The Red Zone" via "The Membership Club" (NFL Season Ticket Holders)

    I don't know but I am addicted to Redzone.

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    Re: Free "The Red Zone" via "The Membership Club" (NFL Season Ticket Holders)

    The NFL Mobile app doesn't work with every carrier. I think it's exclusive to Verizon customers.


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