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    Rush returns fire at Fox, Brit Hume

    Rush returned fire after Brit HUme of Fox News attacked him for
    saying the Republican Party is afraid of him for influencing GOP congressmen like
    certain reps in the HOuse who might not
    have voted to defund O BUMMER CARE but were afraid they
    wouldn't be re-nominated after pressure from Rush and other
    conservative talk show hosts plus Tea Partiers.

    Rush said what is Brit afraid of? What is the GOP establishment afraid
    of? What is the Washington establishment on the Republican side afraid of?
    Government shutdown, losing elections, what do you guys think you've been doing?"

    He's used to attacks like this from the, MSNBC but not FOX which
    has supported him since the beginning. He also
    gets it from architechs of GOPs losing presidential elections like the
    last two - McCain and Romney plus Rove who got Bush elected.

    Rove is now running the party who put these losers in place
    and they're blaming Rush.

    Hell Rush endorsed, voted for and practically campaigned for the liberal
    Romney and called out conservative Christians in the last two elections for not voting. Had just 15% of the non-voting Christians voted, GOP would have won the last two elections.

    So what influence did he have over those conservatives? None whatseover because
    most Christians still didn't vote even after Billy Graham and his son and the Falwells
    called practically every church in the country to get their members to vote.

    Rush has the largest radio audience in history with over 200M listeners per week on
    over 1,000 stations nation wide.

    Somewhere, Galen is laughing.
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