Since we are all worried about the YPA the Ravens run game is achieving, I thought it would be good to look at the YPA allowed by the 3 defenses they've faced.

CAVEAT: I recognize that with only 3 games played, these defensive performances against OUR run game will significantly bias the numbers.

However, I was pretty happy to see the numbers anyway.

Denver is #1 in the NFL, allowing only 2.3 YPA
Cleveland is #2 in the NFL allowing only 2.8 YPA
Houston is #5 in the NFL allowing only 3.3 YPA

What this tells me is that even though the Ravens helped boost the ratings of those defensive numbers, the defenses must be pretty good to hold all three of their opponents to such low rush averages. So I'm not writing off the Ravens running game as broken quite yet.

Buffalo is #23 in the NFL allowing 4.3 YPA. I'm betting that we see significantly more success rushing on Sunday. If we don't, then I'll start worrying.