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I don't buy the whole "big pharma" wanting to keep us medicated.

First and foremost, people wanna make money. The person (or company) who develops the cure for the common cold would be a trillionaire.
well it all comes down to greed ultimately. business wise it makes more sense to treat a symptom than cure a disease. repeat business is pretty much econ 101 for sustained existence. Sure you could make a quick fortune selling a cure, but when nobody has it anymore, you just lost your entire market. Good for 1 persons lifetime but when you figure its a company not a person longterm sustainability is more desirable.

I think these companies come up with cocktails of crap and then try to find uses for it. Not much caring for how it effects a person or looking into how it would effect a person when taken with another med for a similar problem. I know my wife has had some bad reactions after taking a new med that just didnt jive with one she was already taking.