True I like looking in quarters of season. But week one was fun. I mean not the 7tds on the ravens, but for a fanatic like me football is back.
Denver looks strong again, but hope we get them again in playoffs. I think the defending Champs got work to do, but they love to work, so we still one of top 4 let alone 6 in the AFC. I like our QB and team. We will hopefully get it together by thanksgiving. And I so pumped for that day and game. Anyway , NE will get there Division. I hoping EJ Manuel plays good. But we will see if Miami is for real. Houston, fuckem. As for the North, Cincy will be Cincy , a very tough games again. And of course the sqeelers. I hate them period. But it's always drama with this team. I'm hoping Debo James get at least three shots on Ben Monday.
It's early, but I love the joy of knowing football is back. Gotta love that.