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    Article on Peyton Manning

    Here is the article:

    This article makes you appreciate the minds of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. These two were probably Peyton's greatest adversaries as they were able to keep Manning in check for years with a piss poor offense.

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    Re: Slightly OT-- Article on Peyton Manning

    Interesting read but I have greater appreciation for Peyton Manning. I don't think there's a more cerebral QB in the game than him.

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    Re: Slightly OT-- Article on Peyton Manning

    I heard Pat talking about the game on his show yesterday. He and Tim Ryan broke down every 3rd down using the all 22 view. He literally says that there is no way to defend this team.

    It was very interesting to hear them break down each play and how Manning reads the defense and makes the calls. Similar to what he's done in this article.
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