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    Re: Ravens to partner with State of MD to promote "Obamacare"

    With the baby boomers like myself coming on board medicare's $24.8T (and that's
    likely an under-estimate) debt obligation
    comes to $212,000 pr house hold. Yup, it's sure popular but I didn't ask for it or SS.

    They forced it out of my paycheck for years when I could have been investing that money.

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    Re: Ravens to partner with State of MD to promote "Obamacare"

    Now we know why the team is doing it. Straight cash, homie!

    Ravens received $130,000 from taxpayers to promote Obamacare ....
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    Re: Ravens to partner with State of MD to promote "Obamacare"

    Quote Originally Posted by AirFlacco View Post
    They were right. It has destroyed the country. Medicare and Soc Sec contribute about
    50% of our national debt which is why the Ryan Plan wanted to streamline it and he
    was crucified but it destroyed the country as O BUMMER CARE will add trillions

    Nobody cares about the debt especially the white females and spanish that voted
    for O BUMMER CARE. When asked at a DEM bash after the election, all the white females
    said they voted for OBY because of O BUMMER CARE. They like me paying $10 pr mo
    for their condoms. Then they were asked about the debt and they said what debt. Not
    one female knew about the debt or cared. Even my nephew who is a recent college
    grad laughed at me when I talked about the debt. I said don't ask me for more money
    like you did when you were stuck in Australia and couldn't get home when you're
    poor paying the taxes on O BUMMER CARE.

    I'm paying about $100 pr mo for my plan which is great and pays for everything but
    a modest deductable. At 65 I have to go on Medicare by law and pay $111 pr mo
    for it and $100 pr mo for Aetna as a backup. My costs double.

    That said, if I can't afford Medicare there's an agency in town that will pay it for
    me and thus the debt. I know retirees that pay the medicare but can't afford the
    supplement like Aetna.
    So has the country collapsed yet? Just trying to keep track.


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