Well, since this is about the Colts Heritage, I have quite a few stories I could share but will limit it. I started going to games in 1971 when I was 5 years old. It was a family affair, my Aunts and Uncles had season tickets, and my Mom and Grandmom, so it was a blast on Gameday, remember when they still had bathroom assistants to hand out paper towels when you were done? LOLOL. I was at the blowout playoff game when Donald Croner decided to ram his plane into the upper deck, I can still remember smelling the fuel from his plane. After Marty Domres retired, he sat 3 rows down in front of us, funny, he always wore a mink coat when it was cold out.

I think the most memorable game was the win in the dense fog by a Tony Linhardt field goal, RIP Tony.

Not many people got to know Johnny U and his wife Sandy on a personal level, my Mom got to, on a casual level while she was part of Colts Corral #1. I had had foot surgery when I was like 10 years old and he had come to Children's Hospital to visit the kid in the room with me and just by chance ran in to my Mom. He did work with those afflicted with Dwarfism. He signed my cast, and talked for a bit and then was invited by him to the Golden Arm for dinner when they were still doing the Talk Radio Show there.

So this was just a little story, I could stay on here and go on and on and on. I just remember my days at the Worlds Loudest Outdoor Insane Asylum as being some of the best times of my life, the memories are there forever.