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    Donovan McNabb "RG3 is being brainwashed"

    Apparently McNabb reached out to RG3 to offer advice on how to deal with the media. RG3 never returned his call. RG3 in an article for GQ, when asked about McNabb said I don't want to call him an idiot but its best if we don't talk right now. McNabb responded on a radio saying RG3 is being brainwashed by the Redskins.

    What is McNabb smoking...

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    Re: Donovan McNabb "RG3 is being brainwashed"

    I saw this posted on the site's twitter feed today - "If you are relying on Torrey Smith to be your No. 1 guy then you're in trouble" - McNabb

    I guess he evaluates his WR's on their ability to catch balls thrown at their feet...

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    Re: Donovan McNabb "RG3 is being brainwashed"

    I used to like McNabb, but since leaving the football field he just seems so desperate to try and stay somehow relevant.


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