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    Anyone see UNBROKEN?

    We saw it Sat night and it's one of the best movies ever made. Will definitely see it again.

    It's a true story of Louie Zaperini who was an American POW in Japan after spending 47 days in a raft after his plane crashed. He was in the 1936 Olympics.

    Angelina Jollie produced the film and effectively switches from his trials and tribulations in a prison camp to his child hood and running days.

    After the war, the Jap commander was being hunted by the US Army for war crimes in that camp. Finally, they gave him clemency to try to improve relations with Japan.

    The Jap commander has never been remorseful what he did to the Americans. The scenes will infuriate you but Zamperini was never broken.

    The Billy Graham Crusade also made a flick on him shown on FOX. They met during a 1949 crusade where Zamperini came to God and they remained closed friends. They're
    flooding face book with a lot of pics of the two.

    Zamperini realized his dream of running in the olympics again - in Japan - as an old man carrying the torch. He died shortly after the film was made at 97. HBO has the making of the movie.

    Here's a trailer. There's hundreds of them on the net.
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    Re: Anyone see UNBROKEN?

    Hadn't planned on it, but definitely will now. TBH I have a hard time watching POW films since seeing "Deer Hunter" at 11 years old. But thanks! I will check it out.

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    Re: Anyone see UNBROKEN?

    Ditto. I can't watch any prison movies but saw Stalag 17 with William HOlden. That had a cool ending but I didn't like the way Bridge of the River Kwai ended with David Niven and again
    Holden and it wasn't factual. This should go in the other movie thread.

    But this pic is different. For some reason not as brutal, I guess but I enjoyed it.

    As for Deer Hunter, I really couldn't take it especially at the end when Christopher Walken
    pointed the gun to his head. I'm screaming at the TV, no, no, no, no.

    It was his and DeNiro's greatest roles but Unbroken while gruelsome treatment is
    depicted, it's not the same as guys tied up in the water with rats crawling up their legs
    and their captors playing Russian roulette with them for real but Zamperini was just as
    tough as the guys in Deer Hunter.

    My best friend's father was a POW during WW2 and got a job in construction after the
    war because he wanted to work outside after beeing cooped up like a rate for 3 years.
    He was always standing around outside his house even in freezing weather at night.
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    Re: Anyone see UNBROKEN?

    As much as I enjoyed the movie I felt the book was more entertaining. I bought the book upon release and the movie provided me with superb visuals of the characters. I may read it again.

    At the beginning of the movie in Berlin during the Olympic Games a Japanese athlete and Louie glanced at each other. Thinking back while watching the movie it looked like the bird . Anyone catch that?

    It's been put on hold but the next war movie I'm looking forward to is 17 days of Winter which tells the story of the Royal Marines, US Marines and soldiers fighting their way out of the Chosin Reservoir in 1950.
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    Re: Anyone see UNBROKEN?

    Man, talk about a battle. It's often called the Battle of the Chosen Few,
    one of the most savage in modern times. An officer said he was on a
    hill looking down as they pulled out and saw a Marine Chaplan take
    a bullet in the head by a Chinese officer as he was giving the last
    rites to a fallen Marine.

    One general said, we're not retreating, we're just advancing to the
    rear. They were completely surrounded by 120,000 Chinese. Their
    orders were to eliminate the enemy but they couldn't do it. One
    officer said they should have driven our entire force into the sea.

    Another Marine General in the states said I feel sorry for those
    Chinamen. LOL

    I read where the Chinese wanted to stop fighting a year before
    they did but Stalin pushed them on. Peace talks continued as the
    Chinese were getting their asses handed to them at that point
    and thousands of their own men were starving to death.

    Back to UNBROKEN:

    I thought that look he gave the Jap at the olympics early in the
    movie turned out to be the Jap commandant that tortued him and
    all the prisoners. I say that because they met again in the prison
    camp and everyone was standing at attention while the Jap is
    inspecting them and he catches him looking at him, like at the
    olympics. Then the Jap went over and gave him some sh*t.

    That's what I got out of it.
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