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were probably looking at the same website as i believe its the only one that has his 40 time posted is nfldraftscout, which even ill admit isnt always the most accurate, as i think some of their information comes from the colleges themselves. So a low of 4.52 is good, average of 4.6 is decent. My point being I dont think that labels him a burner as many were talking about how fast he is. 4.6 at his height is still plenty good enough and straight line speed isnt as important as quickness/burst which is where i feel hes actually been surprisingly good for his size.

FTR Marlon has not run a 40 after his injury to my knowledge. he has DNP listed by his name at Georgia's proday and i dont believe he was invited to the combine and if he was he didnt partake in any drills. which is also why i believe that 40 info had to have come from his college.
Yes that is the site I'm reading from. But I didn't know that he didn't do the 40 after his injury occurred. I've just read from other people saying that his 40 time could've been higher if he didn't do the 40 after being injured.