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Why do some people find it inconceivable that we could possibly find a good reciever? Shit as much as how we tried and tried we finally got Torrey now we might have another one. Shit i for one am excited to see if Brown is the real deal so far hes done more than Doss and Reed combined shit he's done more than Dallas Clark so far and Shaincoe too so why not?
Cause it's preseason. And how many years have we had that one guy who just lights it up but come real time is sitting on the bench cause he's really not good enough. Where is Riley nowadays?

Browns saving grace is he did well against the 1s. Well 1s that might have been half assing it a bit and he caught them off guard. Next up is yeah Carolina has a good front 7 but one of the worst secondaries in the league. It's not like he was going up against revis or aso or webbie out there.