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    Re: Game Thread -- Falcons @ Ravens (Bird v. Bird Exhibition Edition)

    Quote Originally Posted by Firststater View Post
    Every other QB on the field tonight has looked better that our starter...
    No player in NFL history besides Joe Montana has ever looked as good as Flacco did in last year's playoffs OR in his last three playoff trips.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Falcons @ Ravens (Bird v. Bird Exhibition Edition)

    The Pats went 2-2 the year they went undefeated. And of course the 2nd and 3rd games (the only ones where the starters play more than a drive or two), their starters left the game up 17-7.

    Obviously the result of these games doesn't matter. But a game we lose 30-20, where our starters leave up 14-3, is way way better than a game where we win 27-23, where our starters leave down 13-7, after having 1 great play and 20 shitty plays.

    There is a middle ground between saying "we suck and will suck in the regular season", and "the fact we looked shitty doesn't matter because it is preseason," and that is to be somewhat concerned with the way our starters are playing. Contrary to some opinions, they are actually trying. Maybe not balls-out, but definitely trying pretty hard. Also, the opponents are trying at a similar level for similar reasons.


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