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Thread: The Rematch

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    Re: The Rematch

    Quote Originally Posted by Paintballguy View Post
    It's not just the arm strength. You need the pocket presence to be able to avoid the rush and step up in the pocket. Then, fire a ball 50 some yards down the field with accuracy. Flacco was almost sacked on that play if he didn't slide and step up.
    All of the QBs on my list could put it there accurately, sometimes. Joe Flacco can put it there accurately, sometimes. He only had to do it once, and he did it. Kudos. I sure as hell couldn't. Same thing for the pocket presence, the awareness, the decision-making... all of these are measures of capability that would be measured by "how often" you get something correct. The raw arm strength though, that's something that some QBs simply do not possess.

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    Re: The Rematch

    All I know is I got my root canal finish up scheduled that morning so I'll be good to go by game time.

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    Re: The Rematch

    Looking back, the man threw it darn near off of his tippy toes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldenelite28 View Post
    One thing I never understood is how Moore playing the ball poorly means we didn't deserve to win.
    I mean Peyton and Brady has abused players being out of position for years, but Joe does it and it's a fluke. Hell most big plays happen when one player messes up big time.
    Yeah, that never made any sense. If we didn't deserve to win, who did? The team with Rahim Moore?

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    Re: The Rematch

    Oh what a festive day it's going to be! Just found out today divorce hearing in the morning, opening game that evening! Can't get any better!
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