It is easy to go back and say the team should have squeezed Boldin in with the new acquisitions knowing what we know now. Before Pitta got hurt the move made perfect sense. Ozzie did not know what players he would get at what price at the time he made the move. He knew that he wanted to upgrade the defense and needed cap space to do it. He chose to cut Boldin because Pitta was a rising young player who could do the same things. The Ravens had a replacement for Boldin on the Roster and therefore could move him before the draft. The Ravens did not have a replacement at ILB and did not know whether they would get one capable of playing right away. The Ravens did not know how they would replace Leach at the time either although replacing a FB is not too difficult. If you remember Pees referred to Jameel as the starting ILB all off season. They were really counting on him being a big part of the defense.

Savings after cutting or trading taking into account dead money:
Leach savings: 1.7m
McLain Savings 1.8m
Boldin savings 4.5