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The elephant in the room is being missed on the offense. Joe and the recievers played all year and were very average. The increased production in the playoffs is not a result of Joe and the receivers all magically getting better at once. Two overlooked things happened to the offense that were key to the Super Bowl run.

The reshuffled OL was giving Joe a cleaner pocket and more time to throw then he had all year.

Caldwell's influence on the playbook, they threw much more across the middle of the field.

We learned that if Joe has enough time with a clean pocket he can be very accurate. Any receiver with his feet not stuck in mud is going to get open eventually. In Stokely's case, he has flypaper hands and will be fine.

Is this fantasy obsessed world the OL is not as sexy as the skill players and are often ignored, but they were the real unsung heroes of the post season. Denver had the top team sack totals in the NFL last year and they were neutralized by our OL, a huge key to winning. The one sack I felt was a coverage sack more than the line breaking down. Caldwell opening up the middle of the field is obvious when you compare the shotgun like spray of throws charted between him and Cam. The offense has enough playmakers. Joe and receivers will only be as good as the OL.
Agree with A LOT that you said. The reason for the change in the offense is the revamped OL and Caldwell. I have been trying to tell people this since the playoffs. I mean those are the only two variables that changed. Boldin and co were great but they were supremely underwhelming during the regular season. However, I don't agree that Joe and receivers will only be as good as the OL. I think that the Caldwell's offensive system will dictate the offense's success.