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    Re: Stupid collar is gone!

    It was growing on me, but maybe that had more to do with the team winning.

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    Re: Stupid collar is gone!

    Yes. I freakin' hated that look. Now I can go and buy a jersey. I also agree with T about the black pants
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    Re: Stupid collar is gone!

    Quote Originally Posted by TakingBackSunday View Post
    I wonder why they removed the NFL shield logo from the collar? It kinda looks empty and like something is missing without it.
    Just a guess.... but maybe because those are training camp/practice jerseys and they only put the shield on the game day uniforms. I could be wrong (and probably am LOL.)

    Also..... if you look closely it looks like the collar hasn't gone away completely but rather its just the same color as the rest of the jersey. Which is cool by me cause I couldn't stand that two tone look. They all looked they were wearing neck rolls.
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