Its interesting to observe the differences between the Ravens No. 1 and No. 2 offenses during training camp practices. And clearly those differences start with the wide disparity in skill sets between the No. 1 and No. 2 quarterbacks.

One is a 66 statuesque, classic drop back pocket passer. The other is a 61 (listed) poor mans answer to RG III.

In the past, Cam Cameron has had Tyrod Taylor execute the offense the same way as Joe Flacco. But given the vastly inferior sight lines and release points, the former Virginia Tech star abandons the pocket quickly and attempts to make plays with his feet.

This has left his offensive mates with a mild feeling of helplessness, as they become mere spectators, while opposing defenses attempt to corral the elusive quarterback.

But executing a Joe Flacco-style offense given his physical shortcomings is a steep challenge for Taylor. Yet it was thought to be the best way to manage the offense should the Ravens be faced with the undesirable predicament of handing the reins over to their back-up.

Apparently that approach has been ditched.

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