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    Re: CAMP NOTES August 4: Who's Hot, Who's Not

    Quote Originally Posted by TL24x7 View Post
    One of the more noticeable differences during camp is the fast pace of the offense. They are in and out of the huddle more quickly and with greater purpose. During two-minute offensive drills the rapid-fire pacing amounts to gassers for the receivers.
    Love to read this! The slow pace of this offense has been helping defenses for years.

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    Re: CAMP NOTES August 4: Who's Hot, Who's Not

    Quote Originally Posted by leachisabeast View Post
    No disrespect intended for McClain or anything here.... But he isn't really a superstar LB or anything, and certainly doesn't have the upside that both Bynes and Brown have. Daryl Smith missed most of last year, but before that, he was a pro bowl calibre LB down in Jax, but didn't get any recognition because of the team he played for. He was just awesome against us when they beat us in 2011, and nullified Ray Rice in the very limited carries he got. If we get the old Daryl Smith or anything close to him, he will be the starter along side either Bynes or Brown. I honestly can't see Jameel being a factor this year, but the cold truth is, he isn't a GREAT loss from a playing perspective anyway.
    At no point have I ever considered McClain even a possibility to play again. I am good with Smith, Brown, Bynes and McClellan.


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