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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    There is going to be some painful cuts this year.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    I can tell you a few offensive lineman that it won't be painful to cut. OUCH.

    Nice hard count by St. Pierre!!

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    will flyn be one of them?

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravens0587
    will flyn be one of them?
    We can only hope. Brown did have a bad snap though.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    We can't laugh about Cleveland's center situation right about now. I was praising him until he started stepping all over McNair's feet.


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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    SACK! Who is Ryan LaCasse?

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    a 30-30-30 guy

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Quote Originally Posted by StingerNLG
    SACK! Who is Ryan LaCasse?
    Ryan LaCasse was our 7th round draft pick. He might have a good chance of making the practice squad at best, but I wouldn't expect him to make the final roster.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Welp. 1-1 in the preseason. Lots to still be happy about.

    - McNair still looks good. Hey, you can't score on every drive. But 14 play drives make me happy! Points are points!

    - Has Kyle Boller finally started to learn something? Is Steve McNair actually talking to him, helping him, showing him how to lead a receiver? 4/7 for 115 yards and a TD is an impressive showing for him.

    - I love our receiving core. Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton are simply going to be difference makers on our offense. And where did DVD come from?? I had him bagging groceries this year alongside Clarence Moore. Way to play yourself back on the team dude.

    - Go ahead, TRY to stop our running game. What, Jamal too much for you? Fine, here's MUSA SMITH!

    Still some question marks:

    - Ok, Boller looked impressive. Flash in the pan, or maybe some signs of progression? I'm not getting excited until I see this the rest of preseason. For all we know in Minnesota we could be back to hyper-Boller.

    - Mike Flynn has to go. How many QB's feet is he going to step on before we finally find a replacement? I swear he was even going to step on McNabb's foot before the night was through!!!

    - The rest of the OL was doing fine until they remembered that they aren't any good. And our second team offensive line flat out sucked ass! 7 sacks total tonight on our first 2 QB's, and they were getting banged around all night long!

    - One deep ball the whole evening?

    Thanks for those who jumped in and didn't make me feel like the only guy here tonight. Hopefully we can grow this forum for next week's game.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Well, other than the ridiculous clock management at the end of the 1st half, and the porous play of our O-line in the 2nd half, I thought this was a very enjoyable game.

    It was great to see a few guys really step up, including DVD, Musa, Boller, and even Dwan Edwards!

    I tell ya guys, we are DEEP DEEP DEEP on the defensive line and linebacker! Man, the Iggles couldn't do a damn thing against us after they went up 10-0.

    I'm very encouraged in what I saw tonight. I'll be looking forward to the Vikings game next Friday night!

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    I was a little disappointed by our defensive performence, but over all it was a good game for the Ravens as a team.

    -MU SA!, MU SA!, MU SA!
    -Mac QB rating of 100.9. When is the last time we can claim that sort of efficiency at QB?
    -Ogden needs to get back on the field asap.
    -Nice play by 52....but where was he during the rest of the first half?
    -Flynn nearly tripping his QB (whoever that is) is absolutely unacceptable. Kyle now gets a pass on last weeks stumbling and bumbling.
    -Speaking of Kyle...WOW.
    -DVD stepping up is good to see, but I want to see it two weeks in a row before I start singing his praises.
    -Our secondary still looks very vulnerable.
    -Penalties and lack of disipline reminiscent of last year. Billick needs to get this under control NOW.
    -OOF! 2 minute drill was terrible! WTF are they doing running the ball on 3rd down with 16 seconds left? Disgusting.


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