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    Re: JO's Hall Of Fame Induction Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Werewolf View Post
    You really cant ask for a better representative of your franchise and city than Jonathan Ogden. The man bleeds purple pure and simple. So glad we can claim him as our own.
    :wordHe carried himself on and off the field with pure class.
    "Screw it, let's ride"!

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    Re: JO's Hall Of Fame Induction Thread

    I'm not much of a lip reader, but after Ogden thanked Billick for being smart about training camp it looked like Billick said "camp cupcake".

    I thought it was a great speech. It's fitting that our first draft pick became our first HOFer. Ogden was all business. A smart guy. He didn't have to over extend his career. He didn't piss his money away. He could leave the game before his body took too much of a beating, and now he can spend the rest of his life playing golf. Lucky man!

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    Cool Re: JO's Hall Of Fame Induction Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by lowrider View Post
    :wordHe carried himself on and off the field with pure class.
    We were there for the ceremony last night. JO was professional and came across like someone who could lead a corporation easily. And, My G-d, is he huge! When they golf carted them in JO was so big he had to sit in the back of the cart and take up two seats.

    The only guy who was wider than JO was Larry Allen and that was not by a lot.

    Parcells, Sapp, and Carter gave great speeches. Robinson was really funny, and Allen was quietly very moving. The weakest speech was by Culp (I literally do not remember a thing he said).

    We tailgated near the entrance and gave a shout-out to Billick as he walked by (he gave us a wave back).

    Lots of famous faces everywhere (Raymond Berry on stage, Ray was sitting quietly in the audience).

    Great night!

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    Re: JO's Hall Of Fame Induction Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenMadness View Post
    Very good... loved when he thanked his son.... and of course the RAVENS fans!

    Now, I thought the bust didnt look like him at all?
    I was looking for this on this thread. Agreed. Not a good likeness in my opinion. Maybe in 15 years?

    Otherwise Ogden is the perfect person to represent the Ravens! Very proud!
    And the Beatdown goes on.......

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    Re: JO's Hall Of Fame Induction Thread

    Just finished unpacking from the trip to Canton.. Was good to see Ravens Nation turn out for the festivities and can imagine what it will be like in five years. Think some of the speeches were overly theatrical but it's their moment to shine so no issue. JO's was just like he seems-a little uncomfortable in the spotlight, business-like and hitting all the points.

    First time at the Hall and was a learning experience for the next visit, but well worth the planning and cost to see the FIRST Hall-of-Famer in Raven purple.

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    Re: JO's Hall Of Fame Induction Thread

    We were all set to go to Canton, but some family issues came up and we had to cancel. I was pretty pissed off but family comes first. Hats off to all the great Ravens Fans who made it to Canton - Way to Represent!

    Although they were with us for only a few seasons, Shannon Sharpe and Rod Woodson both played integral roles in our first Super Bowl campaign. However, Jonathan Ogden is the first 'true' Raven to be inducted. I can't think of a more solid, respectable, and downright humble man to represent our franchise as it's first player in the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

    The last few lines in the article on the front page of the Sun are priceless ...

    "If you're taking a journey, the first steps are the hardest steps you have to take and taking Jonathan was our first step" [said Newsome]

    Ogden and his size 16 feet took the final step of his career Saturday night, and it was one he'll never forget.
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