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Thread: Week 5 Issues

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    Week 5 Issues

    My team is maddeningly inconsistent, and combined with Jamal Lewis sucking massive wind and me benching Maroney last week, I am lucky to be 4-0.

    So here are my problems

    WR: Muhammad, Coles, Burress, TO
    RB: Lewis, McAllister, LT, Maroney
    DEF: San Diego, Baltimore

    Thinking I will go with
    Muhammad, TO, Burress (coles got hurt on that last play, right?)
    LT, Maroney
    Balt (they haven't let me down yet, #1 overall in pts for my league)

    Seem ok?

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    Re: Week 5 Issues

    It's very tempting to go with San Diego on defense this week... they get a Pittsburgh team with OL issues and a flailing QB, and they're hopping mad after blowing it last week. But you can't really argue against the Baltimore defense at this point either... especially against an easy mark like Plummer. Maroney is probably the right play at RB, because they have a solid matchup against Miami this weekend, at home. My patience with Jamal has worn down now that I can see how he's being used; he needs to get on track at least once before I look to start him again regularly in most leagues. Hadn't heard about a Coles injury, but I can't argue with your other starters at this point, with the Giants coming off a bye and Muhammad benefitting from Grossman's emergence.

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    Re: Week 5 Issues

    the only thing I think i would change is I would play Coles over T.O. because Pennington seems to like him and there is too much emotion in the T.O vs Eagles game.


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