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    Re: Bradley Manning Verdict

    Quote Originally Posted by Haloti92 View Post
    It isn't just the way he revealed the information, imo. It is that virtually none of it even deserved to be released at all. He wasn't "blowing the whistle" on anything substantial; he was simply exposing secrets.

    I don't see anything that is clearly illegal or unconstitutional. Spying on foreigners, no. Leaning on allies, no. Supporting dubious regimes while holding your nose, no. Collateral damage in wars, no. "Hints of corruption and bribes" regarding Boeing, maybe, but "hints" doesn't sound like proof, nor does that miniscule issue warrant dumping as many damaging secrets as possible to Assange.

    You also have to realize that Manning almost assuredly has gotten innocent, honorable people killed by releasing these files. These files exposed many foreigners who were secretly helping the US against their own ruthless countrymen while living in a very hostile environment. His buddy, Assange, when asked about Afghan informants being killed after being exposed by the release of the classified information: "They're informants... if they get killed, they deserve it." Despicable. Assange is rooting for the Taliban, make no mistake about it. And Manning naively hitched his wagon to this clown.

    I see zero honor in Manning's actions. And I would feel the same way if he raised internal stinks, was rebuffed, resigned his commission, and released the files. Disapproving of foreign policy is not a just cause to expose classified information, especially if innocent people are going to die as a result of the release. The whistleblower hurdle is massively higher, imo, and it wasn't close to being met with 98% of what was released.

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    Re: Bradley Manning Verdict

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBKistler View Post
    Reviewing the information Manning released doesn't make me very proud to be an American.

    Are we shooting the messenger?

    First, just a very partial list from "Cablegate" (keep in mind, this does not include many other bombshells that caused a stir in smaller nations abroad):

    -Details on Vatican hiding big sex abuse cases in Ireland.
    That's no secret and it's certainly no bombshell. People have known this since the 1990's.

    And people knew it before then but nobody ever spoke up and demanded answers.


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