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Heard something on SXMNFL Radio the resonated with me today.

Mellette running with the 1's may not be the great scenario everyone thinks it is or indicative of great practices.

It could also be a "put up or shut up" type situation for him. Pat Kirwin believes that's the case with him, saying he's known many HC's who will put a guy in with the first team as a last straw kind of scenario. He cited the early reports from camp that he wasn't having much success early on, thus the coaches are now justifying the draft pick and throwing him to the wolves. Make or break.

Makes sense but I'm not sure I buy it fully. Just thought it was an interesting perspective. Kirwin believe Mellette will be anywhere from the 5th WR to a practice squad guy this year.
I don't buy that. If it was Doss I could see that scenario. Mellette was a 7th rounder many did not think would make the team. If they were doing that it would be to shut up the fans clamoring for him to start. I don't know if he will work out but I also don't think they are running him with the ones as a last straw. It just doesn't make sense to me with him being a 7th round rookie.