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    Next year we will hear it all over again "I think this year we will finish at 500"

    For any of you morons who actually believe that the team will rebound next year, remember you said that for the last 10 years and for the last 10 years they SUCKED!!!!!!!!

    Then you will start the conversation, "I think if we just got one good hitter and an elite pitcher we would contend", ok get a gun, you are a loser! end it now!

    Rest assured the team will make some moves this off season that will have talk radio buzzing. You die hard O's fans will get your hopes up for an 11th time and be let down.

    What was the big investment this season???? Oh yeah, the bullpen. The same staff that lost 30-3, and has been outscored by 100 runs this last month. But some still bleed black and orange. If this sounds like you, find a tall building and JUMP!

    We will surely hear fatboy Tom, the Angelos apologist explain to us that it is not the owner's fault, there were no other moves he could have made, and we were just unlucky. Ok, if you believe that please get sterilized.

    How many times can Lucy pull the ball away from Charlie Brown before he sees her for what she is? How many losing seasons will it take to see that as long as Angelos owns that team, we will not be successful? If you disagree with me, I'm sure you sit at a poker table looking for the 5th Ace! Because you are stupid.

    Personally, I would rather shovel snow and watch the Ravens, then sit in a lounge chair in 80 degrees listening to the Orioles embarass this city once again. Hey, here's a good idea, let's put Baltimore on the road jerseys. Yeah, let's further connect a midgets creation to our once proud city.

    Hey, how about the new logo, you know the one where the bird has a siringe up it's a$$. Has there been one steriod or HGH scandal that they were not somehow connected with?

    The funniest part of what that team does to you, is take your money, put a horrible product in front of you, and then reprimand you for cheering. "Sir, please stop making noise to support the team, you are bothering those who expected to hear crickets at the park today"

    It is so sad, and if this makes you mad then you are one of those who keeps thinking that you are honorable for standing by a bunch of millionaires who let you down 162 games a year. Way to go pal How much money did you put in Peter's pocket over the last 10 years?
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