Look, I know, why do we get upset over listomania...and this one I can understand most of it, except one glaring exception...

ESPN did a series on the top 10 stars predicted in 2016. I don't have the lists, but JH did a recap of the AFC North players to make the list: http://espn.go.com/blog/afcnorth/pos...ars-on-offense

QB - None in AFCN, Matt Ryan is 4th, Tannehill is 9th, rest of the list is comprised of the "usual suspects": Luck, RG3, Wilson, Newton, Rodgers, Stafford, Bradford, Kaepernick. Now, let's forget the Flacco snub. He'll be 31 then, but I get it, everyone still expects him to be middling.

RB - Ray Rice is an honorable mention, while Trent Richardson is predicted as the league's top back, and Giovani Bernard is #6. Rice will be 29, but I guess the thought is the huge amount of touches will start breaking down his body? I guess Pierce doesn't get a spot because they assume Rice is still starting here.

WR - AJ Green at #4. I guess they suspect Torrey won't be a top 10 WR, but I would think he should get an honorable mention. A big year this year probably puts him on the map

TE - PITTA #4, the only Raven to make the list. Eifert was listed #9. Pitta...I actually think he's over-ranked here. There are a lot of young guys exceeding or matching his production right now. But, if he sticks around with Joe, I think it could happen.

OL - Pouncey is top OL, Alex Mack is #7.

WHERE IS KO??? I personally think KO will be in the mix for the top 10 guys in the next few years. Especially by sticking at OG instead of OT.

Anyone think the KO exception is a bit of a snub? As I said, I can understand the others, at least their logic.