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    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    There are quite a few JHU employees who post here so maybe they can confirm, but I believe she's still there.

    She was working at MAC Harbor East (a gym) either at or shortly after her incident. Not sure if that was a 2nd job or where she landed after/if she was actually let go from JH. I haven't seen her at the MAC during evenings and wknds for some time.
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    Bust it is then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Fan Dan View Post
    Ride a bus in Baltimore City.
    Any city for that matter.

    Point being there are A-holes everywhere of every type, color and description. There are good folks too. In fact there are usually a lot more good folks than bad folks, but the good folks too often keep their mouths shut and don't tell the A-holes it's uncool to be A-holes. ;)
    But there's assholes, and then there's Massholes.
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    Re: Torrey Smith and his Twitter War with Pats Fans

    Everyone has bad fans and lives in a glass house. I personally know the Yankee fan who was harassed and suffered serious brain trauma at Camden Yards earlier this years at the hands of a few bad Orioles fans. Witnesses say after he was injured and was laying out cold bleeding from his nose and ears the assailants were seen spitting on him. He's a nice young man that didn't deserve to spend over a month in intensive care and is now in therapy because a few fans got out of control. I don't excuse the Pats fans, but I'm not going to condemn the whole fan base off of the actions of a few idiots.

    I know it's not Ravens related, but if anyone is interested in helping out can go to:

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    Re: Torrey Smith and his Twitter War with Pats Fans

    The fact that people can take this GAME so serious baffles me.

    You think all the black dudes on the Patriots would be happy to hear your calling another play the "n word". You're basically telling your favorite players that if they wore another color you would think of them as a lower form of life. So you don't actually care about your team and you shouldn't even be considered a fan. You should just be considered a psychopath.

    Mocking somebody for the loss of their younger brother over a football game. Torrey Smith is one of the nicest and most genuine players in the NFL and he can't even be on social media without idiots making fun of his deceased family member.

    I don't blame Torrey for venting his frustrations. In the end I think all he will be left with is pity for these sad people.

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    Re: Torrey Smith and his Twitter War with Pats Fans

    years ago I was at a game at the old Foxboro stadium (dump). One of the fans had autographs of all the AFC East coaches except that day's opponent (Ron Meyer, Indi Colts), and he was standing near the tunnel with pic in one hand and marker in the other calling him, but the &*%#s next to him were screaming (Hey Meyer! You Suck! Hey Dickerson! You gonna die!) so none of the Colts would acknowledge the guy wanting the autograph.
    I figured all those wins might mellow them but apparently not.
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  6. Re: Torrey Smith and his Twitter War with Pats Fans

    I join Torrey in his thoughts and sentiments. I caught so much grief from Patriot fans about Ray Lewis being a murderer that I have had it up to my crouch with Pats fans... They think they should win every sporting event and I think they should just put a douche bag over their heads and shut their pie holes! Douche bag Pats fan ----> :bag:

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    Re: Torrey Smith and his Twitter War with Pats Fans

    I've got friends from Boston who willingly admit that their fans are a bunch of assholes (or Massholes, as they are called). Seriously, any place that would have someone break into Bill Russell's (all-time Celtic great and player/coach) home and shit on his bed has a warped fan base. And the common use of the "N-word" as an attack doesn't surprise me. Boston has a worse racial history than a lot of the South.

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    Re: Torrey Smith and his Twitter War with Pats Fans

    I would have said the same thing. These are the same people who were taunting him the day after his brother died.

    Fuck Boston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Excellector View Post
    Fuck them.
    I'm with this. Fuck them! I was reading it too.

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    Re: Torrey Smith and his Twitter War with Pats Fans

    Pats fans will have to just deal with it. This story is just starting, if hernandez is arrested, then goes to court and is found guilty, what will the pats fans do? Every one is entitled to an opinion and Smith said what he wanted to. The internet and twitter give every one a chance to say what they want. In the end, it's a shame that hernandez is involved. another life ruined and someone killed.

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    Re: Torrey Smith and his Twitter War with Pats Fans

    The worst thing to happen in sports was for teams in that damn state to start winning. You would have thought the Red Sox were kicking ass for three decades straight.

    And honestly, I'm surprised they haven't pulled out the 'S' word for Hernandez yet. You know it's coming.
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    Re: Torrey Smith and his Twitter War with Pats Fans

    I'm with Torrey. I hate everything about NE.
    "Screw it, let's ride"!


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