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Thread: QBR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobachevsky View Post
    In this instance QBR = Quatsch Blue Ribbon. (For you German speakers out there.)
    Bovine scatology for sure
    WARNING: This post may contain material offensive to those who lack wit, humor, common sense and/or supporting factual or anecdotal evidence. All statements and assertions contained herein may be subject to literary devices not limited to: irony, metaphor, allusion and dripping sarcasm.

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    Re: QBR?

    Quote Originally Posted by BcRaven View Post
    Look it's almost as simple as Fahrenheit to centigrade temperature. Take 104F for instance. Subtract 32 (72) then divide by 9 (8), then times by 5 = 40. Simple right? With QBR you take % of passes completed, then divide by the # of INTs, then times by TD passes, subtract 2 points for fumbles, a point each for sacks, then multiply by the number of rushing QB yards/divided by 2.35, finally....and this is most important...divide by the number of $ your sister-in-law has screwed you out of, and then you've got it ... Bc

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    Re: QBR?

    Quote Originally Posted by alien bird View Post
    Formulas and statistical rating tools are a bunch of crap. I want a QB who can win, regardless of what his stats or ratings look like. The NFL isn't a fantasy league, no matter how hard some people try to make it one.
    a b, we are on the same page here. Just read my earlier sarcastic post and you'll know my stance.
    It is so in line with yours. Joe Flacco is a winner, what more do we Ravens fans want? Perhaps a Super Bowl ?
    Oh, we've got that already... Bc

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    Re: QBR?

    The QBR can go right back to the windy chasm between two hills of the person that created it.

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    Re: QBR?

    This is from soon after QBR debuted, and showed how ridiculous a stat it is. Full story here.

    I’ll unignore the Total QBR long enough to point out that I have found justification for ignoring it: Under the Total QBR, Tim Tebow performed better on Sunday than Aaron Rodgers.

    Rodgers, whose Packers won at the Georgia Dome, completed 26 of 39 passes for 396 yards and two touchdowns. His Total QBR was 82.1.

    Tebow, whose Broncos lost at home to the Chargers, completed four of 10 passes for 79 yards and a touchdown. And he ran the ball six times for 38 yards and a touchdown. And his Total QBR was 83.2.
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    Re: QBR?

    It's absolute garbage. Remember the butt fumble game? That ranked higher than 2 one of Joe's games and I say bs.


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