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    Re: Anyone care to still defend

    it seems its hit different companies differently. Mine went up, but only about 10%. which honestly it has done since ive been here long before Obama was in office. from 60/m to now 100/m over 9 years.

    Not really trying to defend though. I think even Obama has said (daily show interview) that its not what he originally wanted or dreams of it being but once implemented in can be altered as necessary to hopefully achieve that. if our costs rise 20% now but it stops insurance companies from raising rates every year or two to the point we eventually make it back or even pays back ill be alright with it, but thats also uncertain and down the road.

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    Re: Anyone care to still defend

    LOL - JonBoy and I were repeatedily on here during the debate saying how the
    DEMs were lying about costs and how our taxes would increase and how people
    would struggle if O BUMMER CARE was passed.

    I posted tons of links on exactly how much they would rise and quotes from
    companies saying they wouldn't be able to afford it and would lay people off
    before paying it all.

    Then OBY comes out and says, well, it's going to cost more than we thought.

    He just discovered it. Yea, sure.

    If two posters on a message board knew then the liberal DEMs knew and lied
    their asses off including the big guy.

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    Re: Anyone care to still defend

    My costs haven't increased yet but I just read that they will.

    BTW, check out all these companies that got exemptions from OBY has soon
    as the law was passed. McDonalds needs to be added to the list after threatening
    to lay off thousands if they didn't get an exemption. I posted the link to that
    one too.

    And Hilly will be able to increase the number of exemptions when she becomes
    the next Santa in the White HOuse and Nazi Pelosi got many exemptions for
    companies in her district - especially in the restaurant business.

    Oh - Of course, all 20M illegal immigrants are exempt too.

    Someone needs to find out how much money these companies gave the


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