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    Re: Flacco in 2012 - Average in both Red Zone usage & success

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfish View Post
    Stats can be filtered to get a favorable result. A Ralph Emerson Waldo quote comes to mind:

    He uses statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post; for support rather than illumination
    Thank you (and Ralph) for this. I had never heard this quote before, but I can guarantee I will be using it. A lot.
    "Leave. Your. Mark."

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    Re: Flacco in 2012 - Average in both Red Zone usage & success

    On a side note, the Colts Authority logo with the horseshoe and the seam of a football looking like a pitchfork is perfect in my opinion. I hope Robert Irsay is burning in hell.

    Back to the point of this thread though;

    I believe that as long as the Ravens have a good running game, we will never see a great red zone passing game from any Ravens quarterback. So once again if you have a sure handed RB like Ray Rice that can get off a 9 yard rush, why would you go to a passing attack that may get picked off? Add into this if Bernard Pierce winds up being the counter punch to the Ravens running game, which it looks like may happen after last year including the playoffs, then we may never see Joe Flacco throw another red zone pass.

    Those charts do seem to be skewed toward the QBs of teams with no running games.



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